Sales on Marketplaces

We will take care of managing and selling your products
As a result:
You will gain comfort that your business is in good hands.

We will not forget about the full optimisation of the processes, which will let maximise your profits.

You will save time and money

You will profit from our experience which will let you avoid making wrong decisions.

You will enjoy regular profits.

All you will have to do is to benefit from a well ran Marketplace account. 😉.

Managing Marketplace sales – unlocking account

While cooperating with us, you will gain a possibility of benefiting from a comprehensive management of your Amazon Marketplace account. Within our cooperation, we will take care of all the aspects related to your sales on the platform. We will manage the products (check the stock levels, introduce new listings, take care of products’ descriptions, photos etc.). We will manage promotion (through advertising and ranking activities). We will also take care of the sales (handling orders, managing complaints).

If any problems occur (for example with the Marketplace account suspension) we will also take care of them, so that your sales are nonstop.