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How can we help your company?
We will carry out an in-depth analysis of the marketplace and competition

Thanks to the analysis you will learn everything about a marketplace, on which you plan to start your sales and most of all you will find out if your offer has the potential to be successful.

We will help you complete all the formalities

We will guide you through the entire office-tax process, starting from VAT and EUIPO registration, through arranging other important documents, till up-to-date legal consultation.

We will develop efficient promotional and ranking strategies.

We will ensure that your products rank high in search results and their promotion allows for generating high and regular profits.

We will ensure a year-round support in sales and Marketplace account management .

If you wish, we will also take care of the comprehensive management of your sales on Marketplaces. We will manage products, update them; we will take care of the proper stock levels and the contact with customers and general account administration.

We will create descriptions and pictures that encourage purchase.

We will create listings that will distinguish your offer from the competition. We will take care about the appropriate display of the photos and descriptions on mobile devices. We will ensure your products rank high so that customers find them first.

We will protect your account against a potential blockade

Thanks to our work the statistics of your account will be positive. We will protect your account against the competition’s activities and we will ensure a safe connection, which will prevent IP conflicts. Thanks to our efforts suspension of your account will be very unlikely.

Are you ready to win over new marketplaces?