Optimising product pages on Amazon

Every seller on Amazon should be aware that product page optimization directly affects the position in search results and thus the volume of sales. An effective SEO strategy in line with Amazon’s algorithm guidelines is crucial in this case. The content you build should make it easy for search engines to understand, categorise and position in search results. How do you take care of the many variables that are involved in optimisation?

How do you take care of effective optimisation?

What matters to Amazon’s search engine is not just the high quality of the content, but the way it is structured and presented. Not surprisingly, there are quite a few agencies on the market that specialise in optimisation. As one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world, Amazon is governed by its own laws, so it is worth investing in people who know this very well. The cornerstone of optimising any product page is its title. A good title will increase sales, but also help customers find the product. The title must be concise, although it should contain all the necessary details. The recommended length of the title is less than 80 characters, although Amazon allows the use of more than 200. In addition, the service recommends appropriate structures by specific categories, it is worth familiarizing yourself with them.

Product description – a key element of sales

Another important element of the product page is its description. In this case the maximum length may be 2000 characters. This is quite a limitation, which requires conciseness and selection of words useful for potential customers. This space is an opportunity to provide a lot of useful information. In this case, it’s worth being aware of who your potential customers actually are. It’s worth researching their demographics, knowing what they want to read, what features they’re looking for and what tone to reach them in. The text should be formatted appropriately – so think about bullets, sub-headings and resizing the text and you’ll speed up the reading of the description.

What is Amazon SEO?

Be aware that the search engine on Amazon operates with its own algorithms, namely A9 and A10. These work in a similar way to Google’s mechanism, but have some important differences. Two factors play a big role – CTR and CTS. The first is the click-through rate, which determines whether customers find what they are really looking for when they come across your company’s product. The second is sales ratio, which takes precedence over CTR. If your product has a higher click-to-sell ratio (CTS), it will rank higher than a competing product. In addition, Amazon SEO is influenced by keywords used to select categories. Content is also important, where the density of keywords in relation to text is important. In addition to this, Amazon places considerable importance on reviews, which translate into customer experience and satisfaction. Remember, your products must match the search terms. The better they match, the more you can count on customers finding and buying them more often.