How to be successful on Amazon? A beginner’s guide.

Do you want to succeed in selling on Amazon? You need to know that it’s not enough to create an account and list your goods. Before you can reach a wide range of customers, you need to understand how the Amazon sales process works, what it can do, and the policies of this global marketplace.

Getting started on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is a relatively straightforward process, but in order to succeed, you need to start by familiarising yourself with all the procedures and rules of the platform. You should absolutely follow them – especially since Amazon is pro-customer.  This means that when selling to a wide range of e-customers, not just Polish ones, you need to have a team of specialists communicating with buyers.

For Amazon, it is also important to have a fast response time to buyer enquiries (up to 24 hours) and constant availability for the customer – regardless of time of day and holidays. In addition, you need to be in contact with the Amazon team, who will monitor your sales in various ways. You should therefore systematically verify the effects of your actions, replenish your stock, optimise the sales process and conduct appropriately planned marketing campaigns.

Buy Box – what is it?

If you want to promote goods on Amazon, you can use several useful tools. Promotions are most effective when your offer is visible in the Buy Box. This is the box on the details page of a specific product where customers start the buying process. The product is usually offered by multiple sellers, so they compete for space in the Buy Box. Amazon, using an algorithm, awards one seller the best place.

How do I win a Buy Box? Success is determined by several factors, including a good order policy, optimal delivery time and customer service (response time to enquiries, feedback from buyers). In order for your shop’s offers to appear highest in the search results, the conversion rate, i.e., the ratio of product clicks to actual sales, is also important.

Sales algorithm

Amazon, like Google, has its own search algorithm. It is updated from time to time, so you need to keep track of the changes occurring in it. How do I appear as high as possible in the rankings? What matters is your activity on the platform, timely response to customer queries and their opinions about you, the number of products sold, winning the Buy Box and a whole range of other factors.

It is worth remembering that the algorithm also favours products sold through PPC ads and pays attention to the click-through rate, i.e., the frequency with which your product is clicked. This is why it’s worth looking at the listings, bullet points and keywords you use in your product descriptions from an SEO perspective.

How to deal with this?

Getting all the elements of selling on Amazon under control, especially at first, can be difficult, which is why it’s worth getting help from professionals such as Amazon SellerSwitch Agency. We are in the business of providing comprehensive support to sellers to grow their sales on Amazon. We conduct a detailed marketplace analysis and help you with all the paperwork. We plan an effective strategy so that your auctions are properly positioned and generate high and regular profits.

To ensure your success on Amazon, we create product pages that will make your offer stand out from the competition. We create descriptions and images that will encourage customers to buy. What’s more, we protect your account from potential blocking by Amazon. It all makes a difference!