How do you start selling on Amazon if you are a large company?

Are you planning to sell your products on Amazon? This is a very good idea as this platform is becoming more and more popular! However, how do you start your sales adventure if you are a large company? With a bigger budget and significant brand awareness, you have a wider range of options than you think!

How do you start selling your products on Amazon?

The first step you should take is to create a sales account on the platform. This is the profile through which you will control, manage and track everything that is necessary with running your business through Amazon. You have a choice of two account options. The first is the professional one, whose monthly subscription is just under 165 zloty. The second variant is the individual account, whose rate is calculated in relation to your sales (commission fee for each product sold). If you run a large company and you are sure to sell more than 40 products per month, you should choose a professional account. This plan gives you access to advanced sales and advertising tools on Amazon. You gain the ability to generate useful reports and connect third-party tools. It also allows you to see product categories only available to professional account holders.

How do I achieve a successful sale?

Successful sales depend on several important conditions. Take care of your products, which should be competitive in both quality and price. Amazon appreciates customers who generate consistent sales. Remember also that shipments should be made on agreed dates. It’s also important to keep your return rate low, so make sure your descriptions are comprehensive and your photos reflect what your products actually look like. In addition, think about a responsive service that can quickly and fully respond to customer problems. This way you will limit the number of possible claims. On the other hand, your account will be credited with more and more complimentary reviews, on which subsequent customers will base their decisions.

Do I need external support to develop my sales?

When you run a large company, you have more on your plate than small business owners. You won’t always have enough time to look after your business on the Amazon platform. Therefore, you should consider using the services of a marketplace agency. They offer comprehensive support in starting and growing your sales on Amazon. As part of these services, you receive a wide package of benefits. You can count on detailed site audits and industry analysis so as to increase the effectiveness of the planned campaigns. In order to attract more interest, you will receive support regarding keyword analysis, reviewing the titles of your listings or descriptions. Think about SEO campaigns that will increase the number of your potential customers.

Is it worth investing in a promotion and positioning strategy on Amazon?

Definitely yes! If you want to make a lot of profit on Amazon, you need to make sure your products are positioned properly. The management of the rates or the selection of keywords should be done by professionals. They will ensure that you have a low ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales – the ratio of spending on campaigns to revenue) and high ad revenues by constantly optimising and changing your rates in real time.