How do I set up a seller account on Amazon?

Have you been running your business in Poland for some time, and do you feel that it is high time to enter the broader waters of international trade? Setting up a seller account on the Amazon platform should be the first step you decide to take to start putting your plans into action.

Think it’s a simple task that requires no special knowledge or skills? We’ve noticed that despite this, many entrepreneurs struggle with it and there are a whole host of questions about how to set up a seller account on Amazon. In this material we will try to guide you step by step through the whole process to success.

Prepare the necessary documents and data

Don’t start registering your account until you have gathered all the relevant information or documents. It is frustrating and time-consuming to look for individual items during the profile creation process. Try to avoid this. We guarantee that the remaining steps will be a mere formality. Essential documents include:

  • credit card;
  • scan of an identity document – identity card or passport;
  • proof of address of the person managing the account;
  • telephone number;
  • Company Tax Identification Number;
  • business licence or bank statements;
  • bank account number.

As you can see, this is nothing special that requires you to contact the authorities or fill out complicated applications. These are the basics that entrepreneurs deal with every day in their work.

Basics that everyone knows

So, let’s move from theory to practice. First of all, you have to choose which market you want to enter with your offer (you can simultaneously sell goods on any of the following platforms). In Europe, you have the following marketplaces at your disposal:

  • German (;
  • English (;
  • French (;
  • Italian (;
  • Spanish (
  • Swedish (
  • Dutch (

Once you have made your decision, simply fill in the form with:

  •  your name;
  •  your e-mail address;
  •  the password you will use.

In the next step, you move on to the company and contact information section. Here you must select the country in which your business is registered and give it its official name. Read the agreements, regulations and rules in the registration form. After clicking on “Agree and Continue”, provide:

  •  Address;
  •  TAX ID;
  •  telephone number;
  •  details of your main contact person.

Account holders and contact

Moving on, you need to indicate the contact person who will represent the seller in case of contact from Amazon.

Phone number verification is available in two options:

  • an automated phone call from Amazon;
  • a text message with an authentication 6-digit PIN number.

Verification was successful? You can then determine whether the “Primary Contact” is the business owner or merely a representative of the business. The next part of the registration is to indicate the owner of the merchant account. If the representative will be responsible for the “Main Contact” function, you are obliged to provide information on all entrepreneurs who are co-owners of the company.

Payments and plan

This is almost the end! What remains is the credit card issue. Once it has been positively verified by Amazon specialists, the subscription fee will be charged. Once credited, the seller can decide on their plan. Currently, there are two options to choose from – basic and professional.

The basic plan is dedicated to small entrepreneurs, whose offer is not extensive. However, it should be remembered that the functions of this package are limited, e.g., there are fewer categories allowed for sellers. The professional plan, on the other hand, is associated with a regular fee, which is GBP 25 or EUR 39 (excluding VAT). Using the professional plan, the seller gets access to sell on 7 (i.e., all currently available) platforms with unlimited goods.

Configure your shop name further and complete the registration. Amazon may require final verification of your details. So, it’s worth having your ID, business license and/or bank statements on hand as proof of ownership. You are now ready to trade.

Need help with your Amazon account? Contact us – we can help!