We will help you take care of all the formalities.
As a result:
You will be perfectly prepared

Completing essential legal transactions will give you comfort that your business is 100% legal and you will stop worrying about the office matters – you will just focus on running your company.

You will avoid unnecessary problems and consequences

Your business activity will be fully legal. You will not be at risk of consequences such as penalties, legal cases or other unpleasant matters.

You will develop your business

Legal activity on many international marketplaces will help you scale your business – enlarging output market, acquiring new clients which means generating greater income.

Legal service on Amazon – VAT registration, EUIPO, consultation, legal advice

We will provide you with full support in taking care of 100% legality of your business. Thanks to our help, with no problems you will complete all the tax and official matters, without which your activity on Amazon could not start. We will help you with VAT registration, and if necessary, we will support you with trademark registration in EUIPO. Additionally, you can count on our advice and legal consultation whenever you need them.

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