We will create photos and descriptions that sell
As a result:
You will ensure coherency of the offer

If you care about building a powerful brand you need to ensure a coherent image between sales channels. Unfortunately, very often the listings of products sold by resellers are very poor image-wise.

You will display listings in a clear way:

Contrary to opinions, selling on marketplaces does not consist only in posting products. It is important to ensure coherency in textual and visual communication which will guarantee offer’s readability.

You will adjust the listing to the modern customer.

The Western customer is in constant hurry, so it important to introduce the offer in a clear way, which does not require of him/her to spend much time acquainting with the offer.

Writing listings, taking products’ pictures for Amazon – titles, bulletpoints optimisation, creating EBC

Good listings are a very important element in successful sales on Amazon. Appropriately chosen keywords and optimised titles and bulletpoints are a key SEO activity. Extended listings (EBC, A+ content) allow for enhancing products’ unique features even more. Pictures adapted for mobile devices clearly displaying your offer will quicken the decision about the purchase of the product.
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