Join the only such a team
We are looking for different specialists but our values are the same.
We focus on growth

We follow the rule that if you are not moving forward you are moving backwards.
Thus, apart from interesting challenges, at our company you will find many opportunities for self-development and growth. So that every day spent in SellerSwitch will give you a possibility of acquiring new knowledge and skills.

We respect others

Respecting others is our crucial value. We always remember that we work with people and for people. Therefore, even when we have different opinions on a given subject matter, or we are just arguing… well, discussing – at the end of the day we always remember about the mutual respect.

We appreciate proficiency and professionalism

We recognise when somebody commits to their work, when they do their job thoroughly, and when they go well beyond their responsibilities.
And you know what? We appreciate it 😊!

We take care of the climate (especially the one at work)

We have to wear shirts only for business meetings with clients, but in the office we have a relaxed atmosphere.
We care about the skills and involvement and not about the way you dress 😉.