Account health

We will secure your account against a potential suspension
As a result:
You will have impeccable seller feedback

It is absolutely crucial to make sure that your customers are happy and share their positive opinions with others.

You will limit the risk of account suspension

Thanks to a dedicated IP address as well as the work of our experts on maintaining your account in good health, the risk of account suspension is down to a minimum.

You will secure yourself against the worst case scenario

If any Marketplace decides to block your account or your listings, we will have a number of actions to choose from to reinstate your selling privileges.

Unlocking selling privileges on Marketplaces – VPN, Account Health, Plan of Action

We will take care of your Marketplace Account Health, maintaining it in the best condition possible. Thanks to using VPN we will ensure a safe connection with your Marketplace account. If your account or listings get suspended, or suppressed we will create a plan of action to reinstate them for you.